Jeneen Frei Njootli
At Macaulay + Co. Fine Art
Opening: March, 2024




Jeneen Frei Njootli


GUT_BRAIN 1: Destructive Desires and Other Destinies of Excess
Blackwood Gallery at University of Toronto Mississauga
January 8–March 15, 2024
Curated by Irmgard Emmelhainz and Christine Shaw

Shifting Ground
Rovaniemi Museum of Art at the Korundi House of Culture
February 1, 2023–May 12, 2024

Curated by Ruth Beer and Ulla Viitanen
Sponsored by the Canadian Embassy in Finland

The sound of the flesh. Sheet music for gina pane
The FRAC des Pays de la Loire
February 12, 2023–March 3, 2024
Curated by Mathilde Walker-Billaud


Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun


Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun: neo-reservation landscape painting and ovoidism
Arsenal New York
January 12, 2024 – March 16, 2024
Curated by Marc Mayer and Sarah Macaulay

Coast to Coast to Coast: Indigenous Art from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Albuquerque Museum 
January 27, 2024 – April 21, 2024
Curated by Sarah Millroy 


Krystle Silverfox


Raven <Lite>
ODD Gallery, Dawson City 
February 2, 2024 – March 17, 2024


Svava Tergesen


Garnished Sundries 
Gallery 44, Vitrines, Toronto
February 16, 2024 – March 16, 2024