Attila Richard Lukacs

Norfolk Pine, 2014, oil on canvas, 30 x 21”

October 30th – December 15th 2014

Macaulay & Co. FIne Art is pleased to present an exhibit of new paintings by Attila Richard Lukacs. A presentation of small-scale landscape paintings, painted plein air in a friends garden in Maui show a realm that is disquieting yet lusciously rendered; their mucky and organic surface bringing forth a metaphorical association of life and decay.

Lukacs is known predominantly for his paintings of male skinheads, primates and American military cadets during the early 1990s, which frequently reference the historical compositions, both Western and Eastern. These brutally explicit works shocked and provoked a generation of painters and critics alike.

After a tumultuous journey through early success, to bad boy outcast in New York, Lukacs moved to Maui for several years, and where he continues to spend several months of the year. Maui offered him solitude from the art world, and a passage out of chaos and back into a solid studio practice.  A deep commune with this landscape is keenly felt.

Born in Edmonton in 1962, Attila Richard Lukacs moved to Vancouver in 1981 where, in 1985, he graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design.  In 1986 he was the awarded the Studio residency Program, Kunstlerhaus Bethanian, in Berlin. After spending ten years living and working in Berlin, he relocated to New York. He left New York in 2001 to live and work in Hawaii. He currently lives and works in Vancouver.