Walter Scott
Pre – Existing Work

January 15 – February 17




Our protagonist navigates disruption. Psychic ability pools into the guts, and is held there like luggage in a slow escape scene, unfolding on the floor of a sublet. A light here, a signal over there, carving passageways between fiction and the body. Lying wet on a hotel bed in Kyoto, there is a goodbye, unfinished business, and a prayer for guts.

Macaulay & Co. Fine Art is pleased to present Walter Scott’s Pre-Existing Work, his second solo exhibition with the gallery. Walter Scott (Born in Montreal, Canada 1985) is a Toronto/Montréal based artist working in writing, illustration and sculpture.

Using fabric materials in painterly and assemblage techniques, these objects, similar to domestic objects, with slashes, entryways, signage, and windows, guide the viewer through passageways in between fiction and the body. Poetic fragments pieced together in unusual semantic arrangements suggest something of a self-defined home. Scott uses the materials aesthetically, pleasing in themselves and malleable, with the separate elements being transformed and absorbed into unified works.

His ongoing comic book series, Wendy, follows the fictional narrative of a young woman living in an urban centre, whose dreams of contemporary art stardom are perpetually derailed. A Wendy book launch and performance is happening at Lucky’s Comics on January 16th from 7-9pm. Recent exhibitions include Mood Valleys, Shudder Gallery, Vancouver, 2012; Joan Dark, The Western Front, Vancouver, 2014; Tragedy Plus Time, and Fictive Communities, Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, 2014.