HAIR | Beau Dick, Valie Export, Geertje Geertsma, Tyler Bright Hilton, Nicole Lefaivre, Jeremy Mendes, Steven Shearer


Press Release


Beau Dick / Chief Wallas Gwy Um Tsonoqua, 2016
Cedar, horsehair, acrylic, rope
42 x 30 x 25”


Steven Shearer
Golden Eyes, 2013
Oil pastel on Japan paper 27.25 x 22.9 x 1.5”
Installation of Hair, 2019
Valie Export
Action Pants, Genital Panic, 1961/2001 Edition 4/20
Silver gelatin print mounted on aluminum 65 x 48”
Steven Shearer
Butch, 2018
Ink and acrylic on poly canvas, framed Varied edition 2/2
41 x 35”
Tyler Bright Hilton
Everything seemed to tremble a little, 2019
Gold, Silver and copper on prepared paper 11.5” Diameter
Installation view of Mammalia, 2017 by Geertje Geertsma
Installation view of Hair, 2019


Geertje Geertsma
The Kiss, 2018
pencil crayon on paper 12 x 7.25”
The Universal Truth, 2018
Directed by Nicole Lefaivre and Jeremy Mendes Produced by The National Film Board of Canada Cinematography by Liam Mitchell
Soundtrack Composing by Corben Winfield