Got It For Cheap, 2017

Friday August 11th, 6pm-10pm
Saturday August 12th, 11am-6pm

Macaulay & Co. invites you to GOT IT FOR CHEAP curated by artists Charlie Roberts and Chris Rexroad.

GOT IT FOR CHEAP is a world-wide traveling series of art shows consisting of works by 600+ curated artists from around the world. Artists range from complete beginners, to established and collected artists. All works are original works on paper for $40CAD each.

2017 GIFC shows:
May 26-28 Art Athina Fair, Athens, Greece
August 11-12 Macaulay & Co, Vancouver Canada
September 1-2 Soulland, Copenhagen, Denmark
October Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo, Norway
November 3-5 Summit LA, Los Angeles, USA
November 10-11 Honalulu, Hawaii

In addition to GOT IT FOR CHEAP, Charlie and Chris run a gallery space in Los Angeles Zero-Zero. Check it out and we look forward to seeing you.